Find Your Footing in a Topsy Turvy World!

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Find Your Footing in a Topsy Turvy World

  • Plain fed up of feeling stuck, shut in or shut off?
  • Exhausted, run down, uninspired or flat, and want to get back to feeling good, energised, optimistic?
  • Afraid to make plans for the future when everything feels so uncertain and want to feel like you’re in the flow again?
  • Unsettled by the avalanche of unknowns making it feel impossible to make any decisions?

I get it! And that's why I've created Find Your Footing in a Topsy-Turvy World, a BRAND NEW E-COURSE with access to me for live Q&A/support!

How can this help you?

I'll share fresh content, activities and support you in live group calls so you can:

  • Go from feeling TRAPPED or CONFUSED by CHAOS
  • Create a new RELATIONSHIP with CHANGE so you can more EASILY NAVIGATE all the UNKNOWNS
  • Understand COMMON BLOCKS to feeling or being CLEAR and how to move through those
  • Go for a deeper dive into shifting the most common block to clarity and your ability to manifest and enjoy life
    • (Hint: this isn’t your fault!  But until you consciously change it, it interferes with anything and everything you say you want, no matter how many intentions you set, affirmations you say, plans you make or actions you take)

What will be different if you do this?

  • Learn how to begin with SIMPLE, DOABLE STEPS to help accelerate all that you love and enjoy
  • GAIN CONFIDENCE in identifying and taking your NEXT STEPS
  • Enjoy MORE ENERGY and  MOTIVATION instead of feeling stuck or down
  • Come from a FRESH PERSPECTIVE with more OPTIMISM for your FUTURE

How will this work?

  • Once a week you'll access a NEW MODULE with KEY CONTENT (teaching and energy clearings/activaitons) plus relevant TOOLS, ACTIVITIES, EXPLORATION SHEETS
    • All in 5-20 minute chunks to get you MOVING!
  • Join me LIVE for up to 1 HOUR once a week for 3 WEEKS
  • Access a PRIVATE FORUM (not FaceBook) to ASK QUESTIONS as you go, CELEBRATE changes and CONNECT with like-hearted souls are on the same journey
  • Week 1: The Truth about Change
    • Explore your relationship to change
    • Understand 3 common blocks that interfere with our relationship to change
    • Learn how to upgrade your relationship with change so it works for and with you, rather than against you 
  • Week 2: The Key to Manifesting What You Want ... and What Stops You From Turning It
  • Week 3: The One Thing You Need to Change Everything and Increase your Joy

What will you get?

  • One module once a week with 40-60 minutes of fresh content each
    • Mix of video/audio/digital content and materials
    • Go through the materials on the day(s) and times that work best for you
  • Opportunity to join me once a week for up to 60 MINUTES of LIVE Q&A/Coaching (3 CALLS TOTAL. REPLAY available)
  • Access to DOWNLOAD any and all relevant TOOLS, CHECKLISTS, WORKSHEETS etc. that help you use the content in your daily life whenever you need and not just during the course

Why work with me?

It was back in 1997 as an audience member on Oprah with Laura Day (author of Practical Intuition) that my intuitive gifts were revealed.  But I still didn't get that being intuitive or what I somehow knew, saw or felt was a blessing rather than a horrible curse.  

While working as a management consultant at one of the Top 5 global consulting companies, I was diagnosed with a painful disease with no cure and only pain killers and surgeries as a treatment plan.  I wasn't ready to settle for that as the final answer, so I started looking for other ways to work with my body. 

That led to my first Akashic Record (Soul Story) reading which was a TURNING POINT.  I didn't just get a personal healing but a NEW CALLING as an INTUITIVE COACH and TEACHER. (It's also why I call my business Your Soul Story.)

Now I combine expertise in PROCESS IMPROVEMENT and TRAINING with CRYSTAL-CLEAR INTUITION, a KIND and CARING APPROACH and POWERFUL GUIDANCE, all focused on loving life and letting life love us right back!

Since 1999, I've:

  • Certified in 2 Akashic Record methodologies (1999 and 2011)
  • Developed Your Soul Story™ system 
  • Conducted thousands of Akashic Record readings with clients around the world
  • Delivered multiple trainings, workshops and private coaching
  • Trained 35+ Akashic Record consultants
  • Invested in multiple and ongoing trainings, certifications and private coaching
  • Discovered countless ways to shift energy with energy (aka healing)
  • Contributed to 3 Amazon® #1 Best Sellers (365 Moments of Grace, 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul, 365 Days of Angel Prayers)


What does that mean for you?

Developing skills as a programmer, instructional designer and director of multiple project teams to roll-out and manage new technology resulted in a strong left-brain, which I use to deliver:

  • SIMPLE EXPLANATIONS of COMPLEX CONCEPTS (including the BIG LIFE STUFF that goes beyond words;-)
  • PRACTICAL TOOLS that make a difference QUICKLY, sometimes minutes

You get to benefit from this, plus:

  • HIGHER LEVEL GUIDANCE (some might say divine;-)
  • PERSONAL EXPERIENCES and EXAMPLES to help you understand what's possible and how you can MOVE FORWARDS in your life


What Do People Say They Love About Working With Me?

  • After 20 years of doing this, my students and clients repeatedly say I create a SAFE, KIND, SACRED and LIGHT-HEARTED SPACE.
    • This alone will feel really good when the world can seem so divided, angry or turbulent. But it’s also key to helping you honestly explore whatever you’re holding onto so you can more easily let it go.  (What we resist, persists, right?)
  • When I’m in teacher/channeling mode, I feel compassion, understanding and appreciation but never judgment.
    • After over 20 years and thousands of readings, I’ve realized there is NO JUDGMENT other than what we create through our feelings, labels and social norms.  And when you experience being seen and heard with no judgment, the fear of failing, being wrong or punished can fade. That’s when you can open up to the endless opportunities to learn, experiment and grow.
  • As a Sagittarian, I love adventures! And life is the biggest one there is.  I have a knack for helping others feel the SPARK that led them to this planet in the first place.
    • That means you get to reignite your dreams with fun and joy as you begin to let go of all the programming, imprinting, “shoulds/musts/have tos”, etc. that can weigh you down.

“Alicia’s work comes from a place of pure intention and pure integrity. She captures clear truth and delivers it with gentleness and kindness. Her words resonate for a long time following the sessions and bring the peace that allows me to remember life is a gift…as is Alicia.” ~ Therese Rowley, PhD AuthorMapping A New Reality,

What’s Different About This Course?

  • We'll get to explore SPIRITUAL, WOO-WOO stuff but we'll also focus on how to use what you learn to manage, manifest and create in really PRACTICAL ways
  • It’s going to be JAM-PACKED with simple tools that you easily use NOW and in the FUTURE.
  • You’ll receive FRESH CONTENT each week so you can go through the module at YOUR PACE and still get access to LIVE INTUITIVE GUIDANCE & SUPPORT in our group calls too.

“Alicia is highly sought after and has taught a ton of students because she is such a gentle, caring, wise soul. Here are the top 3 things I’d love for you to discover about her too:

  • She is the embodiment of unconditional love. She instantly creates a safe and loving space for folks to experience deep transformation. Once you connect with her, you’ll understand what I mean!
  • She is extremely wise and facilitates really deep and profound readings for others. I’m very discerning about who I let read for me, and I have zero hesitation with her. She is soooooooooo good!
  • She has a great sense of humor and loves to create a lightness wherever she goes. No matter what kind of mood you’re in before connecting with her, you’ll always feel light and joyful after your time with her. She truly embodies joyful leadership!” ~ Jennifer Longmore, North America’s Soul Purpose expert,

Questions you might be asking yourself?

Q: I love the idea of this but now isn't the best time. Will you offer this later?

I'll be really honest.  If the world as it is right now isn't enough to make you ready for a change, then this might not be your thing!

This is a time-sensitive course to help navigate these "interesting" times.  So I'm not sure if I'll make it available as a digital course or offer live Q&A/coaching in the future.

If you’re reading this now, and feeling excited and/or nervous, you’re here for a reason and now is the time.

 Q: Will everything be recorded? If I fall behind, can I catch up later?

Everything will be RECORDED so yes, you can catch up. For maximum benefits, I strongly recommend you schedule time to make up for any missed calls or activities so you keep moving forwards each week. 

Q: Will this guarantee me a happy, stress-free life?

Nope!  Life's a glorious mix of ups and downs and no one can guarantee you’ll never again experience stress, overwhelm, pain, loss, grief or worry again. 

But I do promise you’ll have the opportunity to try on NEW PERSPECTIVES, get CURRENT INFO, enjoy ENERGY DEEP CLEARINGS/ACTIVATIONS and understand that you NEVER HAVE TO STAY FEELING you:

  • Are stuck
  • Don't have a choice
  • Have to make do with what life has dumped on you

This isn't about turning into a robot programmed to be happy no matter what!

It's about learning how to MOVE THROUGH life’s downs when they show up with more EASE, SPEED and GRACE. 

If that would feel amazing, why not save your seat NOW?

“I loved my sessions with Alicia, listening to the call-ins, her manner of connection with each person – deep respect, acceptance, genuine desire for everyone to realize their dream/potential, joyful spirit and intentional response. The content was very relevant and purposeful…” ~ Kristin Burns, LCSW, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Practitioner of Shiatsu, Illinois

To find your footing in this topsy-turvy world, go HERE 

I really can’t wait to get started!



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